Meet Our Members

Jimmy Wang

Jimmy Wang is an 8th grade student and specialized in Web and Automation Development. He passed USACO Bronze and started Ravenaro Technology LLC.

Bill Liang

Vice President
Bill is an AIME qualifier, passed USACO Silver, and received AMC Distinction Award. He also partcipated the NASA International App Tournament and received the Technical Award.

XiPan Xiao

Technical Advisor
Xipan got his master’s degree in computer science from Tsinghua university and another master’s degree in mathematics from the university of Texas Rio Grande Valley. He is also a former Google software engineer and is a professional on computer coding and algorithms.

Sun Yu

Project Advisor
Sun Yu is the founder of Coding Minds & Professor of Computer Science at Cal Poly Pomona.

Andrew Ning

Andrew Ning is 15 years old and have several years of Python experience, plus some experience with Java and C++. This year, he got Python Entry level certification and passed USACO bronze, and currently applying for the unity entry-level user certificate.

Jacky Feng

Jacky is an 8th grade student and an entrepreneur. He specialize in Linux System Management and Web Development. He started the company Hydra Cloud LLC.

Henry Rao

Henry is a 9th grader at Tarbut V’ Torah Community Day School. Henry likes robotics and coding. His team made it to the state conference in the VEX Robotics Competition.

Bruce Wu

Bruce Wu is an 8th grader at Kraemer Middle School. He is in the Cyberpatriots Club at Kraemer, and is interested in all kinds of programming. He has experience in Python, and C#, and a little in Javascript and HTML.

Ryder Wei

Ryder Wei is a 8th grader at Tarbut V’ Torah Community Day School. Ryder specializes at math and science and also has some expierence in Java.

David Sun

David Sun is 7th grade student at Fairmont Private School. David likes Science and 3D Modeling, and has some experience in Python.

Thomas Yin

Thomas is a 9th grade student at Portola High School. Participating in public speaking events since he was 8, Thomas always had a passion for literatures. He would like to combine this literary skill with Computer Science, his new found interest.