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I'm Jimmy

NickName: GamerRaven

I'm Jimmy Wang

Hi! I am Jimmy, I am a 7th grader at Friends Christian in Yorba Linda, LA, the United States. I am learning java and python, and I am preparing for USACO. I am the CTO of Gamers Raven Stem Club,

3 years ago, my family decided to take me and my sister alisa to study in the United States. My Dad wrote a letter(In Chinese) to us to tell us why we should go there. After I got the US, I begun to be interested in gaming and math. I wrote an essay on 2020, about my dream in making a game everyone plays. I tried to build a minescraft server after that, but no one came to play.

Now, a lot of things have changed. I begun to write scripts for minecraft and Csgo, and I built an ecommerce website selling scripts and steam points. It is called ServiceRaven.net. I also built a minecraft server (java edition) at mc.ravenpixel.net, check "how to connect to minecraft server" in google to connect and play. Welcome to come to play. I have got more than 1000 customers around the world.

If you want to learn my life, you can visit my album

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Small Programs Made


Large Projects Made


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Milestones in my life

2020-2021 I begun to learn computer programming and prepare for USACO and AMC. I also built an eStore that sells game services
2018-2019 I immigrated to the United States, and got interested in gaming. I also learned math through Khan Academy

My Dad ask me to think about my goals. I wrote this essay, and I think I have done what was said there so far:

The four things I have to do to achieve my dream

I have a dream, that is to make a game that everyone plays. To achieve that dream,I will need to do four things:
Firstly, immagination is important. I will need imaginzation to create new things, like Elon Musk. He is very immaginative and successful.
Secondly, the professional skills, such as deep thinking, logic and coding. I will need deep thinking to have a better understanding of everything, and a good logic thinking. I can learn this skill from mathematics, science, and language art classes in school. I will also need a good coding skill to code a game that everyone plays.
Thirdly, I need a good control of time, in other word time planning. Like if you did not plan, you might get up late, eating breakfast late, and just wasting time. A day might be over before you even do anything.
Last, I will need a healthy body and good time of exercise. You do not just need knowledege, but also physical health.
There are the four important things I have to do to achieve my dream. So that I will have to do there before I can not!

2009-2018 I grew up in Shanghai, and learned Chess. My schoolwork is intensive but not that interesting