Event 11/7/2021

On November 7, 2021. GamerRaven Club hosted an event and more than 50 people came to participate, including kids and parents. Multiple GamerRaven Club related members, and a guest speaker gave speeches on multiple topics.

Topic: How can automation technology to save time

  • Speaker 1
  • Jimmy Wang - Current GamerRaven President

Jimmy gave a small presentation about how to use automation technologies, and how they can save you time while performing certain tasks such as playing video games, writing, and programming.

Topic: What is AMC and how to prepare for it

  • Speaker 2
  • XiPan Xiao - GamerRaven Technical Advisor

XiPan received his Master’s Degree on Computer Science from TsingHua University and another Master’s Degree on Mathematics from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. As the father of an eighth grader, and a part time math teacher, he has plenty of experience on preparing for the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). He is also a former Software Engineer at Google and is a professional on Computer Science & Math.

Topic: How to train passionate kids

  • Speaker 3
  • Peter Wang

Peter has got 20 years of experiences in IT. He used to be the General Manager of IT in China Pacific Insurance Company, and he also founded ShangHai Cloudrabbit Technology. Peter believes the best way to grow is to practice in real life and do what you are passionate about.

Topic: A Showcase of other Students' Innovation Projects

  • Speaker 4
  • Yu Sun - Founder of Coding Minds & Professor of Computer Science at Cal Poly Pomona

Dr. Sun has extensive research on entrepreneurship and educational experience in Mobile/Cloud Computing, AI, and Software Engineering. He currently serves as Director of SoftCom Lab, and is the Founder of Coding Minds that promotes K-12 coding education. He showcased some innovation projects done by students of Coding Minds.