This Immersion & Excel club is to connect kids with broad needs and interests, from orienting new immigrant students to the American public education system to helping each other learn English and excel in sciences.  

As a recent immigrant, Alisa Wang came to the United States as a junior in middle school.   She faced many challenges in a very closed knit school where children had not much exposure to kids from another country.  

She started this club to help kids make a new life in this country

Club Officers

Alisa Wang


11th grader, currently studying at Valencia High School.

academic interest: physics, math and statistics

hobbies: gaming, tennis and piano.

Wish to have an insight into science and human life

7th grader, currently studying at Friend Christian Middle School 

Academic interest: math, computer programming

hobbies: gaming, chess and basketball

Jimmy is good at website building, java/python programming. He has been writing game scripts and games.  He started the website to sell the scripts,  and he also started Minecraft server. 

What we do

The socializing and academic learning will be mostly through on-line forum, as well as some off-line activities. The topics in the forum, as well as the topics of our activities are:

  • New life in the United States
  • How gaming scripts and hacks work, and its value in learning computer programming
  • AMC preparation and math learning
  • USACO preparation and computer programming
  • Talk about Data Science
  • Arts

Ideas for events and activities are welcome. Both parents and kids are welcome to attend. We also need volunteers with different academic background to participate in trainings and presentations, as well as answering questions in the forum. Currently we have got coaches in computer programming and math. You are welcome to suggest topics. Please send suggestions to [email protected]

The activities will be on-site and broadcasted by zoom.